Plenary and Concurrent Dialogue Presentations

Thank you to all speakers who have provided permission to upload their presentations in a PDF copy from the Conference.

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Global Migration: Who Benefits, Who Loses? – Plenary

Prof Ian Goldin – Migration and the Economy: Economic Realities, Social Impacts and Political Choices 

Sharan Burrow – Migrants and Refugees – The right to work with equal treatment (Video)


The Dynamic Shifts of Migration and Mobility in Asia – Concurrent Dialogue

Prof Brenda Yeoh Saw Ai – Care Migrations and Gender Dynamics in Asia

Imelda Nicolas – The ever-changing faces and diverse faces of migration in the sub-regions of Asia

Dr Jawad Syed – Diversity, intersectionality and context

Dr Huiyao (Henry) Wang – China Global Migration Development and its Policy Impact 


Wednesday 31 October 2018

Conflicting Agendas? Multi-level responses to the governance of migration – Plenary

Dr Marina Manke – The Global Compact for Migration and the new partnership paradigm for transforming migration into a true enabler of sustainable development

David Manicom – Inclusion in the Age of Anger? Reflection on Canada’s Model of Managed Migration

Prof Alan Gamlen – Global Policy Shopping and Bad Diaspora Practice

Carolina Gottardo – The Global Compact for Migration: development, opportunities, tensions and challenges

Imelda Nicolas – An overview and review of the ASEAN regional response to migration and mobility


Visible and Powerful – Migrant Voices in a Connected World – Concurrent Dialogue

Prof Andrew Jakubowicz – The Internet as a terrain of conflict over migrant rights and presence

Prof Brenda Yeoh Saw Ai – Growing Up in Transnational Families: Children’s Agency and Parental Migration in Southeast Asia


Reshaping Narratives: Arts and Media in the Age of Diversity and Migration – Concurrent Dialogue

Wendy Were – Increasing public value through diversity in Australian arts and audiences


Thursday 1 November 2018

Migration and Inequality – Complex Challenges Under the Microscope – Concurrent Dialogue

Prof Peggy Levitt – Transnational Social Protection – How Migrants Protect and Provide for Themselves Across Borders Particularly When States Do Not

Abid Hussain – Shifting Perspectives: Empowering Migrant Voices in Arts and Culture


Immigrant and Refugee Entrepreneurship: Neither Paradox Nor Panacea – Concurrent Dialogue

Dr Marina Manke – Partnership and policy coherence to maximize development benefits from migration – a case for entrepreneurship

Pino Migliorino AM – Seizing opportunities: the place of migrant and refugee entrepreneurship in shaping Australia

Prof Jock Collins – The Apparent Paradox of Refugee Entrepreneurship in Australia

Prof Jan Rath – The mixed embeddedness of migrant entrepreneurship

Yarrie Bangura –  Giving back to Australia: the story of Aunty’s Ginger Tonic


Sexual and Gender Diversity: LGBTIQ Migrants and Refugees – Concurrent Dialogue

Prof Gloria Careaga – Migration and mobility of LGBTIQ people across borders

Alissar Gazal – Gathering and dancing to the beat of their own drum: Club Arak (video)


Friday 2 November 2018

Displacement and Asylum – New Dimensions Driving an Old Phenomenon – Plenary

Dr Franck Duvell – Key conclusions drawn from the European refugee crisis