Is Emergency Dental Appointment More Expensive?

Dental work doesn’t nedd to be a shock. There are various dental services that are available these days, it ranges in price from tooth extraction to teeth cavities and dental crowns. It’s important that you find out if you require an emergency dentist immediately, and what you actions you need to take next.

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What Exactly is a Dental Emergency?

A patient may not be able to tell whether the situation is serious enough or their symptoms are bad to be considered an emergency in some cases. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of common dental emergencies.

  • Oral infection symptoms (such as fever, swelling, fever, or a toothache)
  • Pain or discomfort that is severe
  • Veneers that have been broken
  • Teeth that have been cracked or chipped
  • An abscess
  • Crowns that have been lost or broken
  • Trauma to the teeth as a result of an accident or a sporting injury
  • Oral surgery complications

If you ever experience any of the above signs or symptoms, we recommend that you visit your nearest dental clinic as soon as possible. If you’re uncertain whether your situation requires immediate attention, call the nearest dental clinic to speak with them over the phone rather than enduring the pain or discomfort. The dentists will be able to provide you with helpful advice and determine whether your symptoms require urgent attention.

So, Is Emergency Dental More Expensive?

Unfortunately, if you require emergency treatment, your bill will almost certainly be higher than if you visit your dentist on a regular basis. The location of your home in the country can have a significant impact on the price. Generally speaking, the coasts and large cities are more expensive. You can assume that your costs will be higher if your area has a higher cost of living. Similarly, dental insurance can help you save a lot of money on your procedure. The costs listed here do not include dental insurance.

The cost of a root canal is typically quite high. When it comes to the cost of a root canal, the location in your mouth is crucial. The front teeth are usually the cheapest to treat, costing between $900 and $1200. The higher the price, the further back in your mouth you go. Molars are usually priced between $1,400 and $1,600. The severity of the problem is another important factor to consider when determining the price. The procedure must be more extensive the more severe the infection is.

Tooth extraction is another common procedure performed at emergency dental visits. This can happen as a result of a severe infection or if a tooth is severely broken or cracked. The cost will be determined by the type of extraction. If you can have your tooth extracted with only local anesthesia, the cost is usually between $100 and $450. The cost of extraction if you need to be anesthetized to remove the tooth is usually between $300 and $800.

Cavity fillings and dental crowns are two other procedures that may be required on occasion. The emergency filling cost is typically between $150 and $350 if you have a crack in your tooth. On the other hand, crowns are more expensive. A crown may be used if a tooth is broken but can be saved. Crowns typically range in price from $1,600 to $1,900.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

It may be true that not all dental emergencies can be avoided, you can take some precautions to avoid injuries that are certain or concerns. These are some of them:

  • When participating in sports-related activities, always wear a mouthguard that is custom-fitted.
  • Not chewing tough objects or food.
  • Never put anything sharp in your mouth.
  • To open things, avoid using your teeth (i.e. packaging, bottle tops, etc.)

Follow dental professionals’ recommendations for regular dental checkups or contact us. This will detect potential issues before they escalate into dental emergencies or require extensive treatment.


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