The only gathering of its kind, the 2018 International Metropolis Conference brings together leaders and experts to discuss migration, diversity, and integration.

The Conference, which will take place in Sydney from October 29th to November 2nd, will provide a unique platform for debating, discussing, and criticizing policy approaches, practice, and research in relation to migration. Metropolis 2018 is set to generate global interest and influence at a time when migration and its place in the political body politic is at a critical inflection point.

The event is being hosted by a consortium led by Settlement Services International (SSI) in collaboration with the Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF) and Multicultural NSW this year (MNSW).

Metropolis 2018 is expected to attract over 750 Australian and international experts, academics, business leaders, government officials, key decision makers, and community organizations. The Conference will promote dialogue and critical conversations in order to foster a broad global debate and policy shifts.

Global migration and diversity in turbulent times is the theme of this year’s Conference, which will focus on the following eight sub-themes:

  • As catalysts for transformation and social change, business, enterprise, and employment
  • The Asia-dynamic Pacific’s shifts in migration and mobility
  • Displacement and asylum are two new dimensions to an old problem.
  • Migrant voices in a connected world are visible and powerful.
  • Do you have competing agendas? Responses at the national, local, and regional levels, as well as global migration governance
  • Religious diversity: a path to belonging or a roadblock?
  • Migration and inequality are two intertwined issues that must be addressed.
  • Myths and realities about Australia as a multicultural paradise
  • For the first time, the Conference will focus on the impact of migration on First Peoples, including Indigenous Australians, and will highlight the importance of their stories.

While the Conference runs from Monday to Friday, the event hosts, SSI, are planning a series of events and activities to ensure that your time in Sydney is memorable. The New Beginnings Festival, a celebration of the artistic vibrancy, cultural expressions, and heritage of people from refugee backgrounds, will take place on Saturday, November 3 as a satellite event to the Conference. Keep an eye out for additional satellite activities and events.

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney for the 2018 International Metropolis Conference.